How to Safely Observe the Solar Eclipse

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Total Solar Eclipse is one of the most interesting natural phenomenon to see. By the time the moon passes between the Sun and Earth, the splendor and beauty of the corona will amaze you. But the change from brightness to darkness will also raise curiosity from the public. It will attract people to look up and see what actually happened and why the sun suddenly disappear.

This curiosity will become a disaster if one doesn’t know how to observe the eclipse safely.  Do not look at the sun directly. This is general warning that we have but during the eclipse, the sun will slowly disappear and this will draw people to think that it is fine to look directly to the sun. Which is not true.

Sun observation. Courtesy: Avivah Yamani
Pengamatan Matahari. kredit: Avivah Yamani
Sun observation. Courtesy: Avivah Yamani

In Total Solar Eclipse 2016, Some part in Indonesia will have the opportunity to watch totality when the sun blocked by the moon for 1- 3 minutes. And the other part of Indonesia will experience partial solar eclipse. So here’s the rule you must remember:

Before the totality or as long as any part of the sun is visible in the sky, no matter how big it is, do not look to the sun directly without approved solar filters that are used properly. Wear the eclipse glasses or instrument with solar filter during the observation! Do not use sunglasses, exposed film, CDs, or any other filter, because it can cause permanent eye damage.

During the time of totality, it is safe to look directly at the Sun’s corona with your eyes or any other instrument without the filter. But once the moon leave the sun, and totality ends, put your eclipse glasses and filters back.

So how to safely observe the eclipse? We provide a few tools that you can build. But for now, all tools available in Indonesia language only.

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  5. Pinhole
  6. Spy Solar Glasses by LS
  7. Venuskoker

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